What is Wealthy Affiliate University?


In this article I will be answering the question "What Is Wealthy University?" If you have every wanted to start your own online business, or work from home or optimize a website for the search engines then Wealthy Affiliate University is the best place to do this.


It’s scary and on the other side not wise to venture into a business you do not know. In particular, the online business has boomed, however little information is available on how to go about it.

After reading on, it will be fun and in addition easy to get extra income out of the online business, and most like you may even quit your job. 

Online businesses are a source of income that may supplement your job and also allow you to leave the job. Additionally, online businesses will enable you to have more time with your family as well as more free time.

However, to be successful in online marketing, you should know what you are doing. Otherwise, you will waste not only your money but also the most crucial resource, TIME.

You will often hear people brag on how they are making money online more often in this era. But you wonder, how? Just relax and keep on reading.

Have you ever heard of wealthy affiliate? Well if you have, let me therefore explain what you should expect. If by any chance you haven’t, I am pleased to introduce.

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What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

People start online businesses for different reasons. It may therefore either be through personal interests, hobby, passion, or passion. Whatever the scenario, Wealthy Affiliate comes in to ensure that you make money and more so consistently. 

Therefore, Wealthy affiliate is a training program that will teach you how to build your online business and get results, yes MONEY.

Consequently, Wealthy Affiliate University is an institution whose main aim is to teach students how to run successful affiliate marketing. It is a continuing education institution. Through comprehensive courses, students get to learn continually of every aspect of affiliate marketing in addition to online businesses.

Therefore the help given to different students through these programs is immense and for instance looking at the reviews as well recommendations of joining the wealthy affiliate University, there is thus no regret whatsoever.

Further, the Wealthy Affiliate University is a host of tools as well as resources. These resources support starting and also running of the businesses. These resources include Keyword Research Tool, Website Building & Hosting as well as a 24-hour website technical support. However, of importance is the community that is very helpful with thousands of active members.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate University for?

Good question? I bet you asked yourself where you fall. Wealthy Affiliate University is for anyone who wants to start as well as build their online businesses.

Initially, any beginner who does not possess any prior skill is a candidate for the Wealthy Affiliate University. Therefore the courses are learned from scratch and guide them all through their development of the businesses.

On the other hand, the Wealthy Affiliate University is an institution beneficial to experienced marketers. In particular, the benefits accrued by experienced marketers include Webhosting, building a website, keyword research tool, affiliate programs, or even the community to link up.

However, don’t you think that you won’t have work to do. It is not a get rich quick means. So if that was your idea, beware that hard work as well as time is required to bear result. Obviously, where will you go and earn money while doing nothing?

However, by the help, you get from the Wealthy Affiliate University, be sure that the journey in building your business will be a walk in the park.

Some of the courses that are offered at Wealthy Affiliate University

Level 1 

wealthy affiliate university class 1

Online Entrepreneur Certification-getting started

Wealthy Affiliate University does training to marketers in a five tire program that covers every level of marketing that is available. Basically meets all your needs. Let’s now have a look at what the WA University offers.

The first certification is the Online Entrepreneur Certification-getting started. Therefore, this level helps you get things started. This level contains ten lessons that are accessed freely for anyone who wants to join. Therefore, the ten lessons include;

  • Getting started
  • Basics of How to Make Money Online
  • How to Choose a Niche
  • How to Build Your Website
  • How to Set up Your Website
  • How to Get Your Site Ready for SEO
  • Getting content Ideas from Keywords
  • Understand Website Pages and how to Create your First 3
  • How to Create Quality Website Content
  • Congratulations and  Next Steps

You won’t regret going through the lessons. Absolutely free!

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Level 2

wealthy affiliate university class 2

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

The second level On the other hand, is the Online Entrepreneur Certification - Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website that helps you learn how to build your website that will attract free traffic. Below are the lessons.

  • Your domain. Your Brand. Your Traffic
  • How to Build your website. Theme based content.
  • How to Set up a domain. Specific email account.
  • The traffic breakdown.
  • How to Make use of visuals.
  • How to Get crafty with the WordPress editor.
  • How to Understand the low hanging fruit.
  • How to Make a face as a real person.
  • How to Amplify your Google. Love with Google…
  • How to Boost your WA ranks.

The lessons are quality as well as exhaustive.

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Level 3 

wealthy affiliate university class 3

Consequently, the third level is the Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money, which handles all the critical aspects of making money on your platform. Yes, Legit Money! Here are the lessons included:

  • How to Understand the money in online business.
  • How to Understand affiliate programs and networks.
  • Significant affiliate programs are everywhere.
  • How to Add affiliate links to your pages.
  • How to get Instant Access to a million products.
  • How to Leverage product reviews.
  • How to Get paid for ads on your site.
  • How to Earn pennies or dollars?
  • A brilliant way to trail and comprehend your traffic.
  • With help comes financial success.
    At the end of the lessons, you will be deep-rooted in the business.

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Level 4

wealthy affiliate university class 4

Further, the fourth level is the Online Entrepreneur Certification - Mastering Social Engagement that helps you learn of the immense benefit you gain when you engage the social media. The lessons include:

  • What social engagement mean to your business?
  • How to Make your website a place to engage.
  • How to Use Facebook the right way.
  • Pinterest and visual social hemisphere.
  • How to Incorporate a sound tweeting campaign.
  • Google plus or minus?
  • The benefit of being social at WA.
  • Making your campaigns social branding animals.
  • How to Use the Wealthy Affiliate University social community.
  • You cannot be a master of everything.

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Level 5

Lastly, the fifth level and the last one is the Online Entrepreneur Certification - The Business of Content – how to Achieve Maximum Success Through Content Creation… this a level that makes sure that you stay in business. Sustainability of the business is key. Therefore the lessons included are:

  • Content is YOUR business.
  • How to S