What Is The Best Free Website Hosting?

If you are designing your very first website and you are looking for a place to host your new website, then this blog is for you.

If you ask me What Is The Best Free Website Hosting? In my opinion the best FREE website hosting service is from a place called SiteRubix. Not only do they offer FREE Domain Names and Free Website Hosting, but they have what is called Managed WordPress Hosting.


In this blog I am going to show you how you can get web hosting for free not only can you get web hosting, but you can also get a free domain name and free web hosting.

The name of the web hosting company that I am talking about is called SiteRubix not only do they offer web hosting, but they also offer managed WordPress hosting, which is one of the fastest hosting services available.

When you sign up for SiteRubix not only do you get one free website you can get two free websites and you could monetize these websites if you are an affiliate marketer.

You can also use these websites for your business, your church, or your personal endeavor.

If you are interested in getting a website from site Rubik's all you have to do is click here.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the service that allows businesses, churches and individuals to host a website or web page on the internet. A web hosting company is the place that provides the space to host your website for it to be viewed on the internet.

When someone browsing the internet wants to view your web page, they type in your domain name in the web browser and the web hosting company will show your website.

The way the web hosting company shows your website is the one searching on the internet will connect to the computer that is hosting your website and the hosting company will deliver your content. Whether it by files, audio, or pictures.

Where Can You Get Web Hosting?

There are many places that you can get web hosting and the pricing ranges from Free all the way to $100 a month. In my years of building websites and finding a place to host my website, I have come across a company that is very good.

This company is called SiteRubix and they are a part of Wealthy Affiliate. They have Free plans as well as paid plans. I am currently on their $49 a month plan, but the features that come with this hosting is amazing.

Here are some of the features that come with their paid plan:
Here are some of the features that come with their paid plan:

  • Live help unlimited
  • 50 websites
  • affiliate bootcamp training all seven phases
  • website security package
  • website backup
  • beginner training course
  • live video classes
  • video walkthroughs
  • keyword research tool unlimited services
  • training classrooms all 12 of them
  • one-on-one coaching unlimited
  • 24/7 365 days a week website support
  • website comment platform
  • website analysis and more.

What to look for in Web Hosting?

Number 1 – Storage Space:

You want to look at the amount of space that you get from your host provider. Some hosting companies even offer unlimited storage, but there may be some stipulations on what they mean by unlimited.

Number 2 – Customer Service:
You want to look at the customer service is it 24 hours or is it limited. Is there a hotline that you can call if you have any challenges with your website? If a web hosting company doesn’t have 24/7 customer support, I usually don’t go with them.

Number 3 – Speed of Website:
You want to look at the speed of your hosting service. Because the speed of your website will also help you with your Google rankings.

Number 4 – Security Options:
You also want to see if your hosting company has security provided for your website. You want to look and see if they have what is called an SSL certificate, as Google is now requiring that your website has this SSL certificate in order to be considered high in the Google rankings.

What are the different types of web hosting?

When it comes to web hosting there are different types of hosting that you can choose from.

You have dedicated hosting - shared hosting and cloud hosting.

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the most affordable option and your website is placed on a server that is shared by multiple customers. This is good for small businesses, blogs and simple website. Shared hosting can range from $2 a month on up to around $15 or $20 a month.

 Cloud hosting: Cloud Hosting is where your website is hosted on multiple servers instead of just one. This type of hosting is good for basic websites that don’t need a lot of memory or CPU requirements. The cost of cloud hosting can be a little higher than shared hosting but is cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting: Dedicated hosting is usually the most expensive one. This is perfect for large businesses that have a high amount of traffic. This type of web hosting can range from $100 a month on up and is usually very good quality.

In Conclusion:

The good thing about hosting your website with SiteRubix is not only does it come with a free domain name and free web hosting, but your web hosting is hosted on one of the best platforms available which is called managed WordPress hosting.

Here is a list of more features that you will get when you sign up for SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate:

  • You also get 2 Free websites,
  • You get website backup.
  • You get access to beginner training course that teaches you how to optimize your website for SEO and how to build your website.
  • You get a personal affiliate blog.
  • You get affiliate bootcamp training videos phase1.
  • You get a free keyword research tool that will give you 30 free searches.
  • You get access to the training classrooms of wealthy affiliate.
  • You also get the affiliate program.
  • You get access to earn While You Learn
  • Plus, as a bonus you get access to one-on-one coaching free for the first 7 days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below looking forward to hearing from you.

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