What Is An SEO Plugin - Can They Help My Google Rankings ?

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization you may have heard about SEO plugins. You may be thinking what is an SEO plugin. Well in this blog we will show you what an SEO plugin is and how they can help to boost your website or blog in the google search engine.

If you want your website to rank in the google search engines, then it is very important that you do what is called SEO. SEO is short for search engine optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization is when you put keywords on y our website to tell google what your website is all about. 

Example: If I have a website about web hosting then I need to optimize my website with keywords that are related to web hosting. 

Such as: Website Hosting - WordPress Hosting - Cheap Web Hosting - Dedicated Servers Web Hosting - Web Hosting Prices - Web Hosting Services.


Now when you are choosing a keyword for your website, you usually want to choose only one, but if you do choose more than one I wouldn't recommend no more than three.

The keyword that you choose should be the one that visitors would type into google when they are looking for the type on content that is on your website or blog.

Now you have what is called competitive keywords and non competitive keywords.

The competitive keywords are keywords that are very popular and hard to rank for because a lot of people are trying to use that keyword to rank.

The non competitive keywords are not so popular keyword and are a little bit easier to rank because not too many people are using this keyword to rank.

These keywords are also known as low hanging fruit which will be the best to target if you are new to search engine optimization.

The Benefits of Using An SEO Plugin

Optimize Your Site With:

  1. Target Keywords

  2. Optimize Meta Titles

  3. Optimize Meta Descriptions


The Benefits of An SEO plugin

When optimizing your website for a particular keyword having a SEO plugin will really help you with this process.

Once you have decided on what keyword that you would like to rank for, you need to optimize your website for that keyword. 

The steps to optimizing your website for a particular keyword are:

  • Putting the keyword in your Blog Title
  • Putting the keyword in your Meta Title
  • Putting the keyword in your Meta Description
  • Adding the keyword to your on page content
  • Putting the keyword in your image Alt tag

Having a SEO plugin will make these steps so much easier.

A good plugin will give you the option of adding your meta title and your meta description right from your WordPress dashboard. 

What is a Meta Title?

The Meta Title is the information that appears at the top of your listing once it appears in google.

Here is a pic of a Meta Title in action:

what is yoast seo plugin

What is a Meta Description

The Meta Description is the information that appears in the middle of your listing once it appears on google.

Here is a pic of a Meta Description:

what is a seo plugin

What Is The Price Of An SEO Plugin


There are many good SEO plugins out there and the cool thing is you can get many of them for FREE.

If you would like to get a free copy of the plugin that I use to optimize my websites you can do so by clicking below.

Of course the ones you get for free are limited to the amount of features that you get, while the ones you pay for are full of features.

Really when it comes to doing basic SEO the only features that you really need in hour SEO plugin are the options to edit your Meta Title and your Meta Description.

 These 2 things are the most important  when it comes to optimizing your website for SEO.


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If you have any questions regarding how to use the SEO press WordPress Plugin please don't hesitate to post a comment below or email us at support@bestseoclass.com

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