In this blog I am going to cover part III of our local marketing tips and techniques for small businesses.

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In case you missed Part I and Part II you can read them here.

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Local marketing attracts new customers. To remain longer in business you must remain active in your local area by continuously distributing information about your business around it.
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Chapter V: Highly Effective Local Marketing for Small Business Tips

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Tip #1: Provide an online free service: Providing a free service on the web is a great way to create brand awareness in your local community. Every time they

see your brand somewhere on the street they will remember you and might stop by your business place.

They will even be more aware of your offers and special occasions just to check out what hot promotion you are having at the moment. Besides grabbing their attention, they will constantly be remembering you every time they use that product or service you gave them for free.

Tip #2: Show your local personality over the web: It is very important to show your unique personality to your local audiences on the web. That will make them exited once they know you in person, it will give them trust.

You can use places like your local business website, your local business social media accounts. You can even create Videos about your company, showing your local business place as well as your employees.

Tip #3: Stay on brand: avoid promoting other brands. If you need to show other brands make sure it’s only for the purpose of letting them know what services or products you actually sell in your local store.

If your services are unique or made by yourself, there is no point in promoting what tools, services or training material you use in creating your products or services. Promote only your brand everywhere.

Tip #4: Capture leads: as you may know by now, there are so many ways to capture leads for your local business. Capture as many leads as possible by using as many lead generation techniques as possible.

But remember to focus on the techniques that allow you to get high quality leads. Don’t be deceived by those crazy online services offering you thousands and millions of leads for $20 or $40 bucks. Those are not Quality Leads at all.

Tip #5: Digital Banner Ads Work Locally: The Google+ display network allows local businesses to create banner ads and display them in community websites. These ads will not be displayed outside of a specific area.

With Google AdWords PPC ads and Facebook ads you can target your local audience as well. It is less cost efficient, but it can send great message to your audience.

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Chapter VI: Shocking Local Marketing Case Studies

Hue and cry Inc. is a family company; it sells security and life safety products and services in Northern California and Southern Oregon. They needed more traffic to their website to generate

more sales leads to support their business mission.

After analyzing the competitive landscape, they published a blog and posted original content on that blog twice in a week. The Blog was optimized for organic search engine rankings. Top search engine rankings and high quality content brought more website traffic. Their website traffic increased 31% and their blog accounts got more than half of all the website traffic. Case Study #2: Georgia Roofs

Georgia Roofing & Repair, Inc. is a local Atlanta Residential & Commercial Roofing & Interior Construction Company. The Company was facing some troubles and wanted a new way to reach their customers.

They used Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to target their prospects in the client’s area.

They also implemented a contact and tracking system to convert their online traffic into paying customers.

As result they got 200 new leads in the first month and their average conversion rate was 50%. They doubled their business productivity within the first month.

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On Time Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. is a local HVAC company. Kristi started this business so that she could take care of customers and their comfort.

The company decided to use local marketing on the web to increase their overall leads, new customers and sales by leveraging the number of online searchers looking for their products and services.

They used Local SEO, Local PPC (Google AdWords), and Marketing Consulting services for their company. As a result, the Company was able to increase their ROI by 454% in the first 2 ½ months of their online marketing activities.

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Chapter VII: Local Marketing Dos and Don’ts

  • Do’s:

Optimize your website for mobile: Make it easy for customers and followers who use mobile devices, tablets and Smartphones. Smartphone and tablet users use their mobile devices two to six times in a week to search local businesses.

Assure Accurate Information: You should keep your information accurate and constantly updated and accessible throughout the web and on all publisher’s listings. These will increase your search engine ranking.

Offer High Quality Content: Your website content should be impressive and useful for your customers. It will make it easy for your customers to leave reviews about your business. Quality and effective reviews leave a good impression on your customers, it also influences your search engine ranking.

Update your profile: You should update your business profile from time to time with updated images, new product or new services. Search engines love consistency. Your customers will want to know more about your new products and services.

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Include Media: Videos and Images increase your appeal in your local market by making your offerings more tangible. Search engines love them. Visuals can boost your business rankings and appeal in the market.

You can include customers’ testimonials, product demonstrations and customer service staff in your videos and images to make it more powerful.

Correctly optimize the On Page Signals: On page SEO is associated with page title, URL, header tags, image alt text, and page content. You can consider the geographic area in which you provide service, including suburbs or nearby towns.

You can place keywords, language and content to describe your business and the area with a consistent NAP (name, address and Phone) listing on online directories. This will help local searchers find your business.

Stand Out: You should always try to be different and creative to stand out from the crowd in your marketing niche. You should tell your audience what you are providing that your competitors don’t. You can give them a reason to purchase from you.

Utilize social Ambassadors: Social media pages work as a brand ambassador. Some people check their Facebook account more often than their mailbox. You can create mini pages to drive your traffic to your business blog and utilize the social platforms to get more traffic.

Use a Strong call to action: You can include a call to action on your business website. You can run an offer, free coupons, % off on products, etc. People always look for offers. With this you can get a great deal of traffic to your website. You can also include this offer information on your landing page.

Claim your Profile: You can list your business in local directories. Each directory serves different purposes, but overall they increase your visibility on the web.

You can claim your business on Google PlacesYelpMantaBing Business Portal and others. Power Listings allow you to claim your local business in more than 30+ local search sites in a few minutes.