How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development

How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development

Would You Like To Learn How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development ? We will walk you through a few steps that you can take today and start getting the most out of LinkedIn for your business.  Don't forget to Download Our Free Guide That Will Guide You Through these Proven Tips And Techniques That Work.


If you have your own company or your own online business, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that you can use to develop the online presence of your business - if it is used correctly. If you are willing to invest a little time to learn how to make the most of linkedin for your business, then you will see some good results. You will be able to generate leads and reach potential customers for your business. We have outlined 20 steps that will have your well our your way to utilizing LinkedIn for your business.

What is Linkedin Marketing all about?

LinkedIn Marketing is when a business, brand, company, or service uses the LinkedIn platform to promote their services or products. It can be looked at as a marketing strategy that is specifically designed for the LinkedIn Platform.

You may ask, what is the LinkedIn platform? If you continue to read on, not only will you find out what the linked it platform is, but you will learn how you can use it to boost your online presence.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is considered a social media site for businesses and also for professionals. It has the same features that most other social media platforms have, but LinkedIn is more focused on the professional arena. It's content is geared toward the professional and those that are looking to enhance their careers. 

How Does It Work?

Unlike many of the popular social media platforms out there today, LinkedIn doesn't focus on its members having casual conversations or posting statuses for entertainment. 

Linkedin has a more professional environment and encourages businesses to communicate with one another, which is perfect for the targeted LinkedIn audience. 

To ensure that you are looking to promote your business and keep your post professional, LinkedIn requires you to include professional information when you are setting up your profile. 

Some of the questions that you are asked to answer are, what is your work experience, what is your educational background, if you have any career highlights, and how many languages do you speak.

Having this information on your profile will help you to connect with other users, that have similar interests and experience. 

The nice thing about having a LinkedIn profile is you can connect with actual companies, as well as set up a company for your business.

This comes in handy if you are interested in doing business with a particular company on LinkedIn. You can also develop leads for your own company as well as recruits for business by them viewing your company profile.

LinkedIn allows you to share content on your page that is relevant to your business and interesting to the contacts you have as a business. 

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How To Make The Linkedin Algorithm Work For You In 2020

Now we will take a look at how you can leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to work for your business.

When trying to rank your content on LinkedIn and pretty much any social media platform, for that matter, it comes down to the level of engagement that you are able to drive to your social media post.

While having engagement on your social media content is good, but the deciding factor if you will be successful or not on social media comes down to the algorithm of that platform. This stands true for LinkedIn and almost every other social media platform out there.

Now with this in mind, you want to try to create content not only that engages your audience, but you also want to create content that will be picked up by the LinkedIn algorithm. This means that you have to create content for your audience AND for the Linkedin algorithm. This can be a challenge if your don't know how the LinkedIn algorithm works.

What Is The LinkedIn Algorithm?

The LinkedIn Algorithm is already programmed into the LinkedIn platform.  It is a set of predetermined factors that decides how LinkedIn will prioritize content that is shared on the platform. The algorithm sorts this content by relevance and not by the time the content was shared. 

The algorithm is kind of like a bodyguard that stands at the door and decides who will get on the LinkedIn platform.  If your post doesn't have the proper ID then there is a good chance that you will not be getting any exposure. That ID is relevance and the type of content that is shared. 

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This Is How The LinkedIn Algorithm Works

The Linkedin algorithm favors accounts that have frequent interaction and engagement of their post with more distribution and visibility on the LinkedIn Platform. 

It is kind of like the bodyguard at the door, if you are known and you keep coming back, eventually you develop a relationship with the bodyguard and he just might stop checking your ID.

They way that the Linkedin Algorithm determines if your post fits into the category of getting a boost is by determining if you content is relevant to those who are in your niche and if your posts are providing value to the ones who are reading them. 

Basically the LinkedIn algorithm is looking for accounts that are  posting easy to understand content that is intended to give value to the reader. If your content is meeting this criteria, LinkedIn will then boost the organic reach of that account and the content that this account produces, as well as its visibility in the feed...

Powerful InMail Strategies That Work In 2020

Let's talk about the power of using the LinkedIn InMail tool. Did you know that one of the most powerful tools on LinkedIn is the InMail tool?

LinkedIn Mail is a messaging app tool that allows you to connect with companies outside of your network. 

Using the InMail tool, you can establish a first impression with those that may be future prospects. This will make it easier for you to connect in the future and offer your services to them. 

In this lesson, I will show you proven InMail strategies that you can use to create and establish successful relationships on LinkedIn, which can turn into profitable relationships. 

How do you compose an InMail Message?

When you are sending an InMail message you want it to make a strong impression or the one you are sending the message to may ignore it. Here is good news if you decide to use InMail. Did you know that InMails get a 700% increased response over emails ? This means you get a better chance of someone responding to you when sending an InMail rather than an eMail. 

You do not need to hire anyone to send the InMail for you.

Here are some ways you can compose an attention getting InMail that will get your opens and responses.

  • The first thing is to be straightforward. Being straightforward in your InMail will get you a better response than if you were to beat around the bush. You want to be upfront on the intentions for sending the InMail. 
  • Don't ask for too much. When you are trying to convert people that you are sending InMails to into customers, you want to build a relationship first. You can even offer something for free before you ask them to purchase something.
    The key is to give value and this will build trust. An example of connecting first can look something like this: Instead of sending them to a page where they need to enter their email, maybe send them an invitation inviting them to connect with you.
    As you build a relationship with them, then you can offer them a product of value if they enter their email. Once you have their email, you can then offer them your products.
  • Be casual and conversational. The key thing is to establish a relationship with the one you are sending the InMail. Having this in mind will help you when composing your InMail message. When composing the message for your InMail write it as if you were writing to a friend when you are expecting a response from them.  
  • Explain you reason of wanting to connect:  It is a good idea to explain the reason you desire to connect with them. This will allow you to explain the reason that you are sending the InMail. 
  • Explain the reason you want to connect with them. This differs from expressing your goal, because here you will tell them the reason you sent them the InMail. Here is an example: You can say that you are reaching out to them because you saw their profile and it interest you because you do similar work. 

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Linkedin Marketing Do’s And Don’ts


Set A Marketing Plan for Your Content

Just like on any other social media platform, content is king.

Knowing that content is king, it is a good idea to develop a content marketing strategy. This will help you keep your post organized and set specific release dates and eliminate random post that do not line up with each other. 

Be Active

One of the major ways to get noticed on LinkedIn and develop a successful brand is to be active, consistent in putting out content, engage with others and grow your network. 

 Get Endorsed

It is also important to get endorsed. You can ask your peers or people in your network to endorse your profile. This will boost your credibility and help with you the authority of your brand. Having someone endorse you is like having a testimonial for your brand.


Don’t Join Irrelevant Groups

Try not to join too many groups as this can take away from your focus on posting consistently in the groups that are already connected with. You may be able to get away with it, if you have a team that runs your social media marketing.

Don’t Over Promote

You don't want to put too many sales pitches when you post. As a matter of fact, it is go not to do sales pitches; you want to focus on giving value to those connected to you. Don’t do sales pitches on Linkedin. Remember, you want to satisfy the linkedIn algorithm and the algorithm doesn't like self-promoting content. 

Don’t Be Pushy

You want to avoid sending out too many follow up messages to people who are not responding. If you are continually asking users to accept connecting requests, LinkedIn can look this at this as spam.

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Linkedin Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider

Linkedin Marketing Success Stories

Linkedin Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Linkedin Marketing Different From The Rest Of Social Marketing?

How is LinkedIn different from other social media platfroms?

One of the biggest differences from LinkedIn and all the other social media platforms is LinkedIn is business driven. If you are into watching funny videos or memes that people have posted on their status, then LinkedIn is not the place for this. 

LinkedIn is a platform that is focused on allowing businesses to create relationships with other businesses. You can pretty much promote anything you want on LinkedIn as long as it is business related and relevant to your business niche.

Can you get quality leads on LinkedIn?

If you are a business that sells a service that is for businesses, then you will find some very good leads on LinkedIn, especially if you continue to build a relationship with those you have connected with.

If you are selling products for entertainment, then you will find higher quality leads somewhere else. 

Can you generate any sales from LinkedIn?

Yes you can get sales from LinkedIN, but there is one thing to keep in mind. You can only promote products on LinkedIn that are honest way to generate money. You can't just post the latest course from a guru who is out to rip people of with a course that cost thousands of dollars. 

One of the best ways to get business on LinkedIn is to offer a professional growth course or a course that is in the niche of training or coaching. 

Remember it is not so much about making a sale on LinkedIn as much as it is about establising relationships with other businesses. 

Can you accelerate your profits on LinkedIn?

If you want to accelerate your profits on LinkedIn then the best way to do that is to run ads.

Running ads is one of the best ways to generate profit from the LinkedIn platform.

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