How To Start Email Marketing

In this blog I am going to be covering some resources on ” How To Start Email Marketing ” in this day and age.
When it comes to keeping in touch with your customers in this day and age email marketing is a valubale tool. 

Back in the day you may have kept in touch with your customers through snail mail, a phone call or television ad. With the advancement of technology email marketing has provided a very good means of not only keeping in touch with your exsitng customers but even allowing an avenue to reach new customers.

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how to start email marketing

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Email marketing has made it possible to showcase your offers to globally scattered audience, and marketers are using it day-in-day-out to get maximum exposure for their offers. Not only does it give you more opportunities to make the most without much efforts, but you can easily transmit your business message without sparing a thought for geographical boundaries in few seconds.

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This training is comprised of 20 chapters organized into 4 sections.  We will cover the first 4 chapters in this blog.

Chapter 1: What Is Email All About?

Technology has taken such incredible leaps of advancement that it is easy to forget how it was not so many years ago. Even with the advent of smartphones, laptops and wireless internet, we all tend to forget that the internet was designed to give us a different means of communication.

Because when the internet was born, it was basically only used to send brief electronic messages between work colleagues in an enclosed facility, but you get the idea. Before that was possible, people who were apart by circumstances and distance could communicate with each other with written correspondence sent through postal offices. 

But physical mail has its obvious limitations, so one of the first things devised by internet pioneers was electronic mail, or email for short.

So, What Is Email, And How Does It Work?

Email is simply written communication exchanged by two or more users across a digital network. More specifically, it is an electronic message

that can contain text, images, and other types of attachments such as documents, and which is sent through a connected network to a person or a group of people. Email works by using a program that manages the data in a message and saves it to a server, from where the messages are sent and received as well. Most people nowadays though use online email services such as “Outlook” and “Gmail”, which allows them to design and send their emails the easiest way possible, without having to worry about server maintenance and other technically complicated stuff.

What Are The Parts Of An Email?

✓ The Address: An Email address is the equivalent of the physical address where mail is sent. It starts with a username, which is followed by the “@” symbol, which works as a divider between the username and the domain name, which goes at the end of the address.

✓ The “To” Field: This is where the recipient address goes.

✓ The “From” Field: This is where the sender address goes.

✓ The Message Body: This is where the actual message is written, and where the images and attachments are added.

What Are The Advantages Of Email?

  • It’s Free!
  • It’s instant no matter the distance!
  • It can include text, images, video, music, links and documents
  • It’s environmentally friendly

Did You Know?

✓ The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson to himself as a test email.

✓ By 1996 more electronic than postal mail was being sent.

Now that you have a better understanding of what email actually is, let’s take a look at our topic at hand in the following chapter. See you there!


Chapter 2: What is Email Marketing?

Hey there everyone! If you are reading this chapter, it is because you are either an online marketer or are already familiar with the online marketing world to an extent.

What’s more, we can already tell that you know that you can grow your business online if you put in the effort, and part of that effort is learning as much as you can before you leap into action.

Unlike what the majority of people believe, online marketing is not a buzzword used to describe a passing get-rich-quick craze. It is a legitimate branch of marketing that uses online means to build brand awareness with the ultimate goal of turning a new business into a profitable venture. And it so happens that one of the most efficient ways to market to an online audience is through email.

It is so efficient in fact that it has become its own online marketing method, and it has been aptly dubbed “Email Marketing” since the earlier days of the internet.

So just as the title implies, email marketing is the use of email to promote a business, a product, a service, and anything in between. It can be understood in simpler terms as the online equivalent of “direct mail”, which is how companies contact people directly to promote their stuff, just that instead of using the postal service to get in touch with leads and potential clients they use electronic mail.

Now, there is a growing differentiation between how direct mail works and how email marketing works thanks to the advent of content marketing. Whereas “direct mail” is used to send bulk business or advertising letters to people in a geographical segment, marketing emails are sent to people according to personalized targeting criteria that includes gender, locations, language, interests, professions, and so on.

What this means is that, contrary to direct mail, marketing emails are designed to develop a relationship with potential clients before they are used to convert potential clients into active customers.

That is why the majority of direct mail is sent straight to the dumpster instead of being read, and that is also why most marketers never truly learn how to create successful email marketing campaigns: because they are trying to emulate direct mail!

Why Is Email Marketing Better Then?

Email marketing is better than direct mail and almost double as effective as any other form of online marketing because it is an instant and more personal way

of offering value to potential customers.

And the simple reason why email marketing is so effective is because it allows marketers to include their products at the center of their email content. That is, that they can send informative emails that provide value to their customers and use them to promote their products or services in a subtle but very effective way.

What most marketers find tough to master is how to craft and send personalized marketing emails that don’t end up in the spam folder, and in this training we are going to teach you all about it!

So, follow us to our next chapter so we can tell you what are the most relevant benefits of using email marketing to grow your business. Tune in!

What we covered in this blog is just part of the course that you will get when you order our email marketing training. This course is full of material and will take your email marketing skills to another level.

It is time to update your communication procedure with your customers, church members, clients and potential clients.

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Chapter 3: How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business?

If there is one thing that we like to celebrate is when people achieve success with our training. And by success we don’t mean helping you to simply reach a couple hundred new leads whom to sell to, but leading you to actually grow your business as fast as possible.

That is why in this chapter we are going to show you how email marketing can help you take your business to new heights.

Email Has Higher Reach Than Most Other Channels


You may not think of people’s email addresses as a valuable marketing channel, but that might be because you might be so used to email that you take it for granted. Yet you have to look at the numbers to understand why email is still considered to be one of the most powerful online marketing channels available to date.

Let’s put it this way: There are over 1 billion active Facebook users and over 250 million twitter users. Those are impressive numbers for sure, but they pale in comparison to the more than 4 billion active worldwide email accounts.

And those numbers become more relevant when you examine the behavior associated with them: you need an email address for basically anything online.

Do you want to sign up to Facebook or any other social media network? You need an email account. Do you want to buy on Amazon, or on eBay, or on any run-of-the-mill ecommerce site? You need an email address.

That means that any company offering a product or service or piece of content that you want to have access to can easily reach out to you once you give them your email address!

Marketing Emails Truly Deliver Your Message

Having an email lead is way better than having a social media follower for a simple reason: 90% of emails get delivered to the intended recipients, while only 2% of organic posts are seen by your social media followers.

You also have to consider that, in most cases, when people opt in to your email lists, it means that they want to receive timely updates from you.

Marketing Emails Drive More Conversions

The ultimate goal of a marketing campaign is to drive conversions. You might want to drive sales, traffic to your website or referral sign ups, but

you want to drive results, and there might not be a better channel than email to that end.

Once again, the truth is in the numbers. The average click-through rate of any given email campaign is 3% to 5%, whereas the average click-through rate of social media campaigns is only around 0.5% or so.

Even more impressive is the fact that over 4% of visitors to your site that click through email will buy something there, as opposed to only 2.50% of search engine visitors and a mere 0.59% of social media visitors.

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Email Is Cost Effective

Email marketing is the cheapest form of online marketing, period.

Check this out for instance: you’ll get an average of 3,800% return-on- investment for every $1 that you

spend on your email marketing campaigns.

On a very basic level it means that you’ll earn $38 for every $1 you invest!

Email Marketing Is A Longer-Term Strategy

Email has been around ever since the internet was invented, and it is not going to go away any time soon.

On the other hand, marketing channels such as social media platforms and video sharing sites are prone to irrelevancy thanks to the rapid shifts in technological development.

This means that your email lists will keep on being a profitable resource long after Facebook or YouTube are replaced by the next big thing.

Would you like to learn more awe-inspiring facts about email marketing? Then tune in to our following chapter!

Chapter 4: Shocking Email Marketing Facts To Consider

Marketing Facts To Consider

  • 74% of active online adults prefer to receive their marketing messages over email rather than through direct mail. This fact rebuts the common misconception among online marketers that most leads find marketing emails annoying. (source)
  • Buyer personas increases email click-through rates by 16%. This means that by targeting your leads through individual personalized profiles you will be able to increase your chances of getting people to not only check your emails, but also of getting them to click through your links. (source)
  • Well-crafted marketing emails increase conversion rates. 66% of online consumers have bought something based on an email marketing message, with 71% of people aged 45 to 54 making purchasing decisions based on email marketing messages. (source)
  • Large mailing lists can distort your results because you’ll be sending emails to lots of people that are never going to buy something from you. So, by simply deleting email addresses that haven’t engaged with your emails in the past 12 months can improve your delivery rates, click-through rates and conversion rates by 3% to 5%. (source)
  • Subject lines are way more important than you would imagine. Short subject lines, or those around 9 characters long or less, have gotten open rates up to 58%, while personalized subject lines such as those that used the recipient’s name, were 22% more likely to be opened. Likewise, 64% of recipients will open an email based on the subject line alone. (source)
  • It is becoming increasingly important to create responsive marketing emails, as 35% of business professionals and 64% of decision makers check their emails on mobile. (source)
  • Keeping your content relevant to your email audience is as important as it is on your website or video blog. 49% of email recipients report that they would not hesitate to unsubscribe from a mailing list if they find they’re only sent boring or repetitive content, with 25% of those stating that they would unsubscribe when the content is irrelevant to them. (source)
  • Email marketing is way more effective at acquiring new customers for your business than social media efforts. In fact, an email marketing campaign is 40 times more effective at customer acquisition than a Facebook or twitter campaign, with 72% of people favoring promotional content on email over social media. Also, email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content on social media than social media users. (source)
  • People are spending more and more time checking marketing emails now than ever. 57% of email subscribers report spending from 10 to 50 minutes a week browsing promotional emails. (source)
  • Automation is taking over in the email marketing industry. In fact, most email management tools labeled as email marketing tools are simply email automation tools, and they are being used by a whopping 82% of business- to-business and business-to-customer companies, which has helped them to increase their conversion rates by as much as 50%. Also, automated email marketing messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click- through rates. (source)


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