How To Make A High Converting Landing Page

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I have been learning a lot about landing pages, so I thought I would stop by and share some knowledge that I have learned.

I am new to studying landing pages, but what I have learned so far is good stuff.

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What is a landing page?

Google defines a landing page like this:
a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.

Yes there is a difference between a landing page and a home page.

There are some similarities but there are also some key differences.

A landing page is a page that is focused on getting people that visit to take action. It is a page that is designed and created for one specific reason and that is to get traffic from many sources such as social media campaigns, email campaigns, and paid advertising campaigns.

Once again a landing page is pretty much focus on one product and has a little amount of navigation menus if any at all.

Here is a graph that explains it well that I got from Brenda Barron - Freelance writer


So it sounds to me like a landing page is a focused page. 

What is the goal of a landing page?

The goal of a landing page is to get the visitor to take action. Whether that action be:

  • Fill out a survey
  • Sign up for a e-book
  • Join an email list
  • Download a digital product
  • Attend a live webinar
  • Sign up for a FREE trial
  • Download a product for FREE
  • Sign up for an online class

Once again the goal of a landing page is to lead a visitor down a single path to perform a single action. It is a page that is written about a specific product and is focused on getting someone to either purchase that product or join an email list to receive that product.

What is the benefit of having a landing page?

The benefits of having a landing page is that you can customize the landing page for a particular product.

Example: If I have a website that sells different services. I will not be able to put a detailed outline of what each service has to offer, because this will make the home page consists of too much information, but the with a landing page you can share detailed information of a specific product that you have to offer.

Not only that but landing pages can be a valuable asset when it comes to marketing a product such as: online services, digital products, e books, a live webinar, church event registration, building a lead magnet and so much more.

Landing pages are a tool that can help you build an email list and even help you increase the sales of your product.

The benefit of a highly effective landing page is you can convert visitors into customers. A well-designed landing page will help you present your product to customers in a well-designed flow. It will also help you to build trust with your customers and this can help to lead to more conversions.

Watch My Landing Page Video Here:

What should a landing page consists of?

  1. A Headline
    The headline should be attractive and create interest to the visitor.
  2. A Sub Headline 
    The sub headline should make the visitor want to continue reading and eventually make them want to click on the call to action button.
  3. Identify your customers pain points.
    This is where you want to describe the frustrations the customer is feeling. You want them to know that you can relate to their problem and how it makes them feel.
  4. Address the benefits of your offer.
    After you have identified with the customers pain points and their frustrations, this is where you show them the benefits of your offer and how you can eliminate the frustrations.
  5. Build Trust Signals
    After you have described the benefits of your offer, you want to add what is called trust signals.
    This can be in the form of:
    - Testimonials
    - Safe payment badges
    - Frequently Asked Question Section also known as FAQ
    - Maybe some logos of companies that you have previously worked with.
    - Money Back Guarantee Offer
  6. Then you want to end it off with a Powerful Call To Action
    Your call to action should stand out from all the other elements on your page. If you have a long landing page it is good to put the call to action a few times within the page giving the visitor multiple opportunities to take action.

    So if I was to wrap it all up and point out the main things that I have learned about landing pages I would say a landing page is a page that is not a part of your main website, is focused on promoting one single product, relates to the pain that the visitor is feeling, lets the visitor know how our particular product can eliminate their frustration and all the while ending it off with a call to action for the visitor to take action.

    Well there you have it. This is what I have learned so far regarding landing pages.

P.S. I just built my first landing page after learning all these things and I have attached a video of it to this blog. Check it out if you get a chance. Don't forget to like and share this blog or video if it has helped you out in any way.

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