Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It ?

50 Reasons - How Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money

In this blog I will answer the question Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that is designed for those who would like to take their online presence to another level. Whether you are barely starting out in online marketing or you have a ton of experience, Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful platform and is made for you. 

First, before I get into Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It, lets talk a little about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone product or service on your website or through advertising, for a commission from the profit. Most all the big names that are online have affiliate marketing programs, such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify.


What Can I Learn from Wealthy Affiliate?

Do not be thrown off by the name. Wealthy Affiliate is not only for affiliate marketers. Wealthy Affiliate has a ton of resources that will help you take your online business, website, and blog to another level.

I personally use Wealthy Affiliate to rank my websites, online projects, Radio Show and My Churches my Google Business Page and I have gotten good success.

I have learned so many things at Wealthy Affiliate let me just name a few before I give you 50 reasons why you should join.

I have personally learned SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of learning how to optimize your website or blog to rank higher in the google search engines.

I have learned keyword research. This is the process you go through to find out what keywords should to try to rank your blog or website for. After all what is it to have a website optimized for a keyword that people are not searching for.

I have learned how to market my websites and blog via social media platforms. Believe it or not social media is a great way to promote your business in 2020. Just to give you an example.

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Promoting Your Business with TikTok:
Did you know that TikTok has over 800 Million user and is growing daily. Many people are promoting their business on this platform and it is paying off or them.

If you have a business, website, church website, music website or personal blog then I encourage you find out how to grow your online presence through social media.

I have also learned how to write content for my blogs and websites.

I have learned how to analyze my traffic by using Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The amazing thing is these tools that I just mentioned are free. All you must do is go to google and type in Google Search Console or Google Analytics and you download them for free.

These tools give you so much valuable information when it comes to optimizing your blog post and websites for the search engines. Is not that cool to know that Google pretty much gives you the tools that you need to rank in their search engine.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there telling you that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to learn SEO, but that is not the case.

Being a Member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned how to read the information that these Google Tools provide and apply these techniques to my SEO campaigns.

These are just a few things that I have personally learned since joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me just share one more thing with you. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate a little over a year ago, I started with the Free Membership. The Free Membership gave me so much value that I joined the Premium Membership within 5 days or so.

 If you are not sure if Wealthy Affiliate is for you, then I encourage you to try out the Free Membership. Keep in mind this is not a free trial, so you do not need to have a credit card or enter any billing information. All you must do is enter your email and answer a few questions and you are good to go.



What Comes with The Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is full of value and gives you some rather good resources even with their free membership.

10 Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

If you decide to join the Free Membership you will get 10 Affiliate Marketing Training Videos. These are extremely helpful if you are barely starting out in online marketing and looking to build a business from your home. These videos will help you get started in knowing what affiliate marketing is and how to get started.

30 Free Keyword Searches

If you are new to online marketing, then I will explain to you what a keyword is, and you will understand the value of a keyword tool.

Example of a Keyword:

Say I am looking to buy a new computer online. I am likely to go to google and type in the search box “Where can I buy a good computer” or I might type in “Where can I find a good computer for cheap.”

These are considered keywords. Whatever you type into google when you are looking for something online that is considered your keyword.

Let me give you another example of some keywords:

Say I am looking to learn affiliate marketing.  I am likely to type in google “How can I learn affiliate marketing”, “Is affiliate marketing a scam “, “Where is the best place to learn affiliate marketing.”

There are all considered keywords.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

30 Free Keyword Searches 

What does a keyword research tool do?

Now what a keyword research tool will do is show you exactly how many people are searching for a specific keyword.

I personally use a keyword tool called Jaaxy that comes with unlimited searches and is included for FREE with the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Let me give you a few results of what my keyword tool came up with for these keywords that I used as an example:

Where can I buy a good computer – Gets an Average of 32 searches a month and has 27 websites that are optimized for that keyword.

Where can I buy a good computer for cheap – Gets under 10 searches a month and has 0 websites that are optimized for that keyword.

So, using the keyword research tool you will see that the better word to try and rank your website for would be “Where can I buy a good computer.”

Let us do a few more.

Here are the results that my computer came up with for the second batch of keywords we discussed.

How can I learn affiliate marketing? Gets under 24 searches a month and has 57 websites that are ranked for this keyword.

Is affiliate marketing a scam? Gets 135 searches a month as has 101 websites that are optimized for this keyword.

Where is the best place to learn affiliate marketing? Gets under 10 searches a month and has 9 websites that are optimized for the keyword.

Now you can see the benefit of having a keyword tool because it shows you valuable data to choose the correct keyword to optimize your blog or website for.

If I was to write an article about affiliate marketing and I had to choose from the keywords we have listed to optimize my blog or website for, I would go with the one that has 135 searches and 101 websites optimized.

Why because more people are searching that keyword in google and not too many websites are trying to rank for the keyword.

Now you see the value of having a good keyword research tool and its purpose.


10 Training Videos
You also get 10 videos that will teach you how to get started in building your online presence. These videos are a little different from the affiliate bootcamp videos. These focus more on getting you started in learning how to build up your online presence.

Here are some of the topics that these videos cover:

  • Getting Rolling
  • Understand how to make money online
  • Choose a Niche
  • Building your own website
  • Setting up your website
  • Getting your site ready for search engines
  • Creating your initial website content
  • Creating custom menus on your website
  • Understanding keywords

As you can see these videos cover some interesting topics and once again, they are included in your FREE Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.


Free Website Builder

Not only do you get 10 Free Affiliate Bootcamp Videos, 30 Free Keyword Searches, 10 Step-By-Step getting started videos, but you also get a Free Website Builder.

What is a website builder?
A website builder makes it easy for beginners to design their very own website. When I first started designing websites back in 1998 you did not have access to these amazing tools.

To build a nice-looking website, you needed to know code and other complicated stuff, but those days are in the past now.

With the creation of Website Builders almost anyone can design a website and a nice looking one at that. Let me put it to you like this. If you can create a Facebook page, then you can create your own website with SiteRubix.

With your Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate you will also get access to SiteRubix which is a website builder that will help you in the process of designing your very first website.

SiteRubix is a what you see is what you get website builder, so even if you are barely starting out in designing websites, do not coding, and have no experience at all this makes it super simple.

Let me just mention one more thing you get with your FREE Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and then I will give you 50 reasons why you should go Premium.

Free Domain Name Included

You Can Start Building Your Own Website Today

Free Domain Name

When you become a free member at Wealthy Affiliate you also get access to a Free Sub Domain Name.

What is a sub domain?

 A sub domain is a domain name that is part of a main domain name. Let me explain what a domain name is, then I will explain to you what a sub domain is.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is what you type into the google search bar to find a website.

Examples of Domain Names:

In order to get to Facebook I need to type the domain name into the google search bar. In this case would be considered the domain name.

In order to get to google I need to type the domain name to get to the google website. In this case would be considered the domain name.

In order to get to amazon I need to type domain name into google to get to the amazon website. In this case would be considered the domain name.

What is a sub-domain?

 A subdomain is a domain name that is connected to a main domain.


A subdomain of would be mywebsite.facebook

A subdomain of would be

A subdomain of would be

When you join the Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a Free sub-domain where you can build a website for FREE.

The domain that Wealthy Affiliate uses is so if you wanted to build a website on this domain you can call it something like:


Now a sub-domain is not as powerful as having your own domain, but if you are barely getting started in online marketing, then this is a superb place to start.

You can always transfer your website to its own domain once you learn the ins and outs and the cool thing about that is Wealthy Affiliate will do this for you for a onetime price of FREE. Lol

Well, I hope this has helped you to see what you can accomplish with the Free Tools that comes with Wealthy Affiliates FREE Membership.

50 Reasons Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Now I will give you 50 Reasons on why you should join Wealthy Affiliates Premium membership.

I will not go into detail of all 50 reasons, as I do not think you want to read blog that turns into a novel, but I will list all 50.

1. Live 24/7 chat

You can chat with members of wealthy affiliate 24 hours 7 days a week. This really comes in handy if you have questions, need some advice about your online business or just want to hang out and see what other entrepreneurs are talking about.

2. Private Coaching

You can get private coaching straight to your inbox. Premium membership allows you to private message other premiums members with questions, for advice, and for ideas. I have used this myself and have gotten some fantastic ideas from other members of Wealthy Affiliate. The members at Wealthy Affiliate friendly and are out to help each other.

3. Network with Experts

4. Private Access to Owners

You can send a direct message to the owners of wealthy affiliate. That is pretty cool. What other online platform allows you to contact the owners directly and ask for advice? I cannot think of too many.

5. Accelerated Help

6. 24/7/365 Website Support

You will get 24/7/365 website support. Now this is a cool feature and I have also used this a lot. I have run into challenges with my website and when I did not know how to fix it; I reached out to support. They are fast, courteous and know what they are doing.

They have helped me integrate existing websites that I was hosting on other servers.

They have helped me fix challenges that I was having with my emails.

They have helped my setup complicated email systems that allow me to send emails from my domain name.

If I were to pay someone for this, it may have cost a lot of money, but this amazing support is included with your Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

7. Integrated Training Help

8. Networking Capabilities

Wealthy Affiliate has a community of over 1.8 million members. The cool thing is there is a great atmosphere amongst the members at wealthy affiliate. Most of the members if not all are out to help each other.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to network with others that are building online business. You can get good advice, ask questions, and build business relationships all the way from the beginner to the expert.

9. Website Builder

I already mentioned earlier on how powerful the website builder is and how valuable this can be to someone who is barely starting out and trying to build their first website.

10. Security Package

11. SSL For Your Domains

You get free SSL for your domains. Having an SSL for your domain helps you with the ranking of your website in the google search engines.

Many companies charge you anywhere from $9 year to $15 a year for this option, but it is included with all your domains at Wealthy Affiliate.

12. Feedback Platform

13. Engagement Platform

14. Analysis

15. Site Speed Performance Boost

16. Site Speed Extreme

Did you know that your site speed affects your rankings in the google search engine? That is why it is a plus that the websites at Wealthy Affiliate are blazing fast.

17. High Resolution Image Database

18. Automated Image Compression

Image compression is a key component to make sure that your website is not sluggish and loads slow. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate comes with automatic image compression. That means when you load an image to your website, it will automatically be compressed for you, this helping your website to operate at optimal performance.

19. Duplicate Content Checker

20. Server Class – Dual Servers

21. Hosted Speed – Blazing Fast

22. Website Backups

23. Bandwidth for 500,000 Visits

24. Instant DNS

25. Botnet Protection

26. DDoS Protection

27. Install 10 Websites

28. Host Your Own Domains

29. Core Certification Course

30. Affiliate Bootcamp

31. Personal Affiliate Blog

32. Weekly Live Webinar Training

33. Over 1,000 Training Modules

34. Live Webinar Database on Demand Content

35. Video Walk-Throughs

36. Training Classrooms

37. Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches

I already mentioned the reason having a keyword research tool is important. In case you have not read that part of this blog I will give you a little bit of information.

If you want to find out all the benefits of having a keyword research tool, you can scroll up to the section that says, “what does a keyword research tool do?”

In short, a keyword research tool helps you to find the right keywords to rank your blog or website for. It is of no benefit to optimize your blog or website for a keyword that people are not searching for on the web.

The cool thing about having a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is, it comes with access to a free keyword tool, that gives you unlimited searches.

There are some companies out there that charge you $49 a month just for a keyword research tool of this caliber.

So, if you were to join Wealthy Affiliate just to use the keyword research tool, then you have gotten your monies worth. Leaving out all the other 49 benefits that I have mentioned here.

38. Competition Analysis

39. Site Rank Tracking

40. Brainstorm Engine

41. Alphabet Soup

42. Keyword List Management

43. Niche Keyword Lists

44. Affiliate Program Search

45. Affiliate Program Management

46. Affiliate Program

47. Earn While You Learn

48. Training Cash Credit Program

49. Site Comment Cash Program

50. Super Affiliate Incentive

Wealthy Affiliate also gives you the option to become an affiliate of their amazing platform.

Now here is the cool thing. When you join most affiliate programs or you are marketing an affiliate product, there are some limitations, but not with wealthy affiliate.

Let me explain and then we will be done.

Most affiliate marketing products come with a limited cookie. What does this mean.

When you promote an affiliate product, that company will give you a certain link for people to click on for you to get credit for the sale. If someone buys that product within a certain time frame of clicking your link, usually within 24 hours or maybe 6 months, then you will get a commission.

Now if they decide to buy after that time frame you will not get a commission, because your affiliate link has expired.

Not so with wealthy affiliate. They have a lifetime cookie meaning, If someone clicks on your affiliate link, but they do not join wealthy affiliate that day or 6 months later, but they decide to join 2 years later, you will still get credit for the sale.

Did I mention that you do not have to be a premium member to start promoting Wealthy Affiliate? You can start promoting it as a free Member also.

The amount you earn on each commission depends on the membership that the person buys and your current membership.

Let me give you a few examples and then we will be done:

Commission as a Free Member:

If someone buys the Premium Monthly Membership at $49 a month, then you will get 25% commission which comes out to $11.75.

If someone buys a yearly Premium Membership at $359, then you will get 25% commission which comes out to something like $87.50.

Commission as a Premium Member:

If someone buys the Premium Monthly Membership at $49 a month, then you will get a 50% commission which comes out to around $23.50

If someone buys a yearly Premium Membership at $359 a year, then you will get 50% commission which comes out to around $175.00.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only a place where you can learn how to take your online presence to another level, but you can also use what you learn to generate income and even start an online business that will bring you a little extra income by promoting wealthy affiliate.

In Conclusion, I have personally used wealthy affiliate to take my churches online presence to another level.

I oversee the My Google Business for my church and the things that I have learned here at wealthy affiliate have helped me to skyrocket the traffic that we get to our Google My Business.

So, like I mentioned at the beginning, wealthy affiliate is not only for affiliate marketing, but it is for anyone who desires to take the online presence of their business, church, personal website, or blog to another level.

How Can I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

If you would like to join wealthy affiliate, then here is the link that you can use.

Join Free Membership - Click Here

Join Premium Membership - Click Here

Yes, I am an affiliate so if you decide to join using my link, I will get a commission. If you choose not to join through my link that is fine also, but I hope this blog has helped you to take your online presence to another level.

There are more people online now then there has ever been. Now is the time to get started in online marketing if you want to build a business, reach people, or get your product out to people.

If you have questions, please hit me up in the comment section and I would love to assist you where I can.

You an also send me an email to