Today I would like to show you where you can get Free Website Hosting and Domain at no cost at all. Not only that but this Free web hosting service goes above and beyond what is expected from a Free Web Hosting service.


Now most FREE web hosting companies will require you to put advertising on your site or limit you to cheap servers, but this is is not so with SiteRubix. At Site Rubix they will host your website for FREE on Managed WordPress Servers which are blazing fast and helps with your rankings in the google search engine.

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  1. Is There Any Free Web Hosting?
  2. What's The Best Free Web Hosting?
  3. What Is The Cheapest Website Hosting?
  4. How Much Does Hosting A Website Cost?
  5. How Can I Get A Free Domain?

Today I would like to introduce you to SiteRubix which is a part of a company called Wealthy Affiliates. The features that you get with this free web hosting company is out of this world.

Here is a short list of some of the features that are included with your free hosting that comes with SiteRubix
	totally free website hosting and domain
  • You get a FREE Keyword research tool
  • You get FREE web building tools.
  • You get 2 Free Websites.
  • You get One on One coaching - Access for 7 days
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • You get Free Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • You get a Mobile Ready Website.
  • You get a Free Domain Name
  • You get a 24/7 Community to ask questions.
  • You get a Blazing Fast website hosted on cloud servers.
  • You get 12 FREE themes to choose from.
  • Your Website Is In Good Hands


    Experts with Powerful technology

    SiteRubix are experts when it comes to technology and knowing the ins and outs of hosting your website. This FREE service is managed wordpress hosting so that means they do all the work for you.

    They keep your site updated, make sure it is performing at its peak and their customer is simply amazing.

    Let SiteRubix keep your website up and running while you focus on growing your business and keeping your website fresh. Not only does your website come with top notch security to keep the hackers out and those who are trying to intrude, but it is kept highly optimized and it is all done for you.

    Speaking of security you website will be protected from hacking, spam, malware, and hacker activity that most websites on the web can be vulnerable to. 

    I guess the good news is you can focus on making sure your website looks nice and attractive to those visiting your site, while they take care of all your technicalities behind the scenes that keep you up and running.

    Did I mention this is all included in the your Free Website Hosting and Domain Package?

     Let SiteRubix take care of your website while you can spend time learning how to build a nice-looking website that will help you make a statement on the web.

    Amazing Looking WordPress Themes


    When you order Free Website Hosting and Domain with SiteRubix you also get access to 12 Free Premium WordPress Themes. 

    Now there are WordPress Theme Companies that are charging up to $49 just for a theme and this doesn't include hosting or domain name. 

    With SiteRubix not only do you get Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting and a Domain Name, but you get access to High Quality WordPress Themes that will help to set your website apart from the rest. 

    More Features That Come With SiteRubix

    free website hosting with domain name


    Better Rankings, Better Engagement, and a 100% better experience for your website visitors. Proprietary WA Technology to speed up your WordPress Website without plugins or clunky software. Did you know that having a fast website helps to boost your rankings in the google search engines?

    Accelerated: SiteSpeed Accelerated provides a sophisticated, highly compatible, and ultra fast caching option to vastly increase the overall speed of websites. This is the default caching option providing speed improvements for cached pages up to 20x faster than normal loading.

    Extreme: SiteSpeed Extreme uses the same technology as the SiteSpeed Accelerated, however we take the optimization one step further by combining and minifying Javascript and CSS. Experience even bigger speed gains over Accelerated and achieve the highest Google PageSpeed Insight scores.


    SiteSSL (HTTPS)

    Serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections and do it at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! Encryption is favoured by search engines and keeps visitor data safe.


    SiteProtect (Spam Blocker)

    The problem with plugin spam blockers is that the spam still hits your site, clutters your database, slows your site down, and wastes your time recovering real comments. WA SiteProtect happens at the server level and blocks ALL automated comment spam before it even hits your site. It's just better!

    Step By Step Tutorial - Setting Up Your Free Website

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog about Free Website Hosting and Domain. Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving them in the comment section and I will be happy to assist you.

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