Choosing a place to host your website is just as important as the domain name that you will use for your website.

In this blog I am going to show you How To Get A FREE Domain and Website that is hosted on managed WordPress Hosting. If you didn't know managed WordPress hosting is one of the best platforms to host your website. It is very fast and helps with your rankings in the google search engine. There are companies that charge anywhere from $99 a month and up for this service, but I am going to show you how to get 2 websites for FREE.

SiteRubix offers Free Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration .

Many companies charge for web hosting and to register your domain, but with SiteRubix you can do it all free Free.

This is good for those that are barely starting out with web design, affiliate marketing, online business or establishing your presence on the world wide web.

Now even though SiteRubix is FREE it’s features, and productivity are not joke. As a matter of fact, SiteRubix gives more features than some of the paid web hosting companies out there.

How To Get A FREE Domain and Website

What Is SiteRubix? is a free web hosting platform that was founded by the founders of wealthy affiliate. These two companies work together to provide web hosting and step by step trainings for those that are learning how to build a website that will earn you revenue.

SiteRubix combined with wealthy affiliate makes it easy to start your very first website and build an online business without any prior experience. You can learn how to build a website in 30 seconds, and you can get started with all this knowledge for FREE.


Who should think about using SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is for anyone who desires to start an affiliate marketing website or build a website that will generate income. With all the training's, tutorials, and support that comes with the FREE web hosting service you will be well on your way to starting your own online business. The cool thing about starting an online business is that it doesn’t matter your age or background the opportunities are endless and you can start today for FREE.


Let me show you 10 reasons why you should choose SiteRubix for your web hosting and domain name..

Reason Number 1 – 24/7 Network to ask questions:
As a SiteRubix member you get a 24/7 network where you can ask questions about anything related to your website. This is like Facebook but specifically designed for those that are designing websites for affiliate marketing.

Reason Number 2 – SSL Certificate for your website:

An amazing feature that you get with your free SiteRubix web hosting account is SSL. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which helps to protect your website from would be hackers and intruders. This is very helpful in boost your rankings when it comes to the google search engines. Many people charge for this service, but you get it FREE with SiteRubix.

Reason Number 3 – Managed WordPress Hosting

Now usually when someone gets free web hosting the place where you host site will give you some cheap server that affects your google rankings. With SiteRubix your website is hosted on blazing fast Managed WordPress Servers which not only take the hassle out of keep your website up to optimal performance, but it also helps your rankings in the google search engines.

Reason Number 4 – Two completely FREE websites

If you decide to get your Free webhosting with SiteRubix you don’t only get 1 website, but you can host 2 websites for the same price and that price is completely Free. This is perfect for those that want to start affiliate marketing and you have a few niches that you would like to experiment with.

Reason Number 5 – 10 Free Training Lessons

Now along with your FREE membership to SiteRubix powered by wealthy affiliate you also get 10 free trainings that will walk you through the process on how to set up your website to generate income as an affiliate marketer.

These trainings are very helpful and cover topics all the way from understanding how to make money online, choosing a niche, setting up your website, getting your site ready for search engines, and understanding keywords.

You can get FREE ACCESS to these courses by click here.

Reason Number 6 – No Credit Card Needed

If you do decide to give SiteRubix a try you can do so with no strings attached. That is how much they believe in their service. You don’t need a credit card to sign up just go to SiteRubix enter your information and start building your free website today.

Reason Number 7 – Virus and Malware Protection

The cool thing is when you build your website, they will give you FREE virus and malware protection for each of your websites. Now this is another feature that you get for FREE, that some web hosting companies will charge you for.

Reason Number 8 – Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Another amazing feature that you get with your SiteRubix membership is FREE ACCESS to Wealthy Affiliates Boot Camp Training. This training is filled with topics such as: Choosing your websites direction, building your website, activating your plugins, Getting your website ready for SEO, Understanding the keyword research process and so much more.

Reason Number 9 – 7 Days Access to Live Chat 

When you decide to sign up with SiteRubix you will also get to test drive the 24/7 Live Chat feature that gives you the opportunity to chat live with other members about affiliate marketing, web design, ask questions, answer questions, ask about anything you like 24/7.

This is a great feature that comes unlimited with the Premium Pack, but you can take it for a test drive FREE for 7 days.

Now if this is not worth the free membership at SiteRubix then I have one more reason for you and then I will let you go.

Reason Number 10 – Free Keyword Research Tool

Another amazing feature you get with your FREE SiteRubix membership is the opportunity to have a FREE keyword research tool at your fingertips. Yes, I did say FREE keyword research tool at your fingertips.

Now even if you don’t use the web hosting or the free domain, you can use the Keyword Research Tool which is a steal of a deal.

Many companies charge a fortune for their keyword research tools and you can get your hands on one for FREE. In case you don’t know, but keyword research is very important in getting your website to rank in the google search engines.

Ok so there you have it my 10 reasons on why you should give SiteRubix a try for your Free Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration.


If you are looking for a place to host your website and register your domain name for FREE then in my opinion SiteRubix is the best place for you to do so, hands down.

If you take a look at all the features you get, you can easily pay over $50 a month just for some of the features you get.

10 Reasons

Let me remind you 

Free Keyword Research Tool , SSL Certificate, Two FREE websites, Manage WordPress Hosting, Affiliate Boot Camp Trainings,  Virus and Malware Protection, 24/7 community, 10 FREE Training Videos to get your site ready for search engines and to top it off no Credit Card is required to start.

If you have any questions, please fell free to post them in the comment section and I will do my best to assist you. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Blog: How To Get A FREE Domain and Website